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Environmental Statement
Health & Safety

Durkin and Sons' belief is that no job is worth any person being harmed and health and safety is therefore the most important consideration in all aspects of the company’s activities.

The Directors empower all employees to put safety first ensuring our accident frequency rate is kept at the lowest level within the utility service industry. We are committed to the following principles:

  • Continual assessment of our processes and adapting and improving our procedures to minimize risk.
  • Using best industry practice and exceeding the minimum legislative requirements.
  • Investing in our directly employed qualified and skilled workforce and own machinery and equipment.
  • Training and continual development of our staff enabling them to understand their responsibilities to self and others and to be competent in carrying out their duties.
  • Consulting frequently at all employee levels ensuring sharing of ideas and striving for improvement in our operations.
  • Fostering an open and transparent culture in regard to near misses, incidents and events from which we, our customers and our fellow contractors can learn and improve upon.
  • And before every shift we always ask ourselves... is it safe to start?

Simply put we will not start work unless it is Safe to Start.