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Durkin & Sons Ltd started trading in 1980 and quickly became established as a major contractor to the electricity companies, cable manufacturers and other large industrial clients.

The Company specialises in underground EHV cable installation up to 400 KV, incorporating the provision of jointing and testing up to 66KV, and all associated trenching and civil works, as the principal contractor, main contractor or contractor.

Whilst we have diversified the traditional strengths of the Company have been maintained. Using these strengths enables us to provide expertise and resources to undertake major civil works.

Our reputation as a provider of a fast, reliable and quality service to our customers nationwide has continued to the present day, a fundamental principle which has underpinned the Company's development into other areas of work such as multi-utility installation and water utility services installation.

Enshrined within the Company's philosophy is the paramount importance of Quality, Safety, and the Environment, the areas which will be covered in detail in other sections of our website.

Our policy of having directly employed, well trained staff, plus our own transport and plant fleet enables us to manage the quality performance of the work we undertake. This includes a 24 hour 365 day emergency service.